INC $D020: Guide to Coding c64lib

A ground breaking DIY book about coding your own intros, demos, title screens and games with the astounding c64lib.

The book is fully illustrated and very easy to follow.

This book will be a follow up to the INC $D020: Guide to C64 Intro Coding, and as such will most likely be released several months after that book.


Powerful Commodore 64 Code Library

Easy to follow C64 coding blueprints

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Guide to Coding c64lib Features


Professional c64 coding blueprints. Tired of repetitive coding when building complex routines? Well, our blueprints are easy to follow and you will be impressed by the finished result.

Rocket Fuel

Build a powerful and long lasting codebase using only Kick Assembler macros from the c64lib library. Innovative and fairly stable.


Various common functionalities intended to be used by other libraries.


Easy to use libraries that cover functionality of Commodore 64 chipset: VIC-II and CIA.


Various character mode manipulation and output routines.


Easily put your CBM code into Travis-CI harness.

All preorders will receive a signed copy of the "INC $D020: Guide to Coding c64lib" once the book is finished and published.

c64lib Wish List

Colour Cycling

Cycle colour memory by character and by line, for professional quality colour fading of text.

Scrolling & Tiling

Various scrolly routines, as well as big font and game map tile rendering and scrolling macros.

Logo Swings

Logo swinging routines, with number of lines and sinus table specified.

Sprite Multiplexing

Remove the Copper list from a screen area and implement an easy to use sprite multiplexer.

Disk Routines

SD2IEC compatible disk routines, with fast load implemented. As well, an advanced IRQ loader for megademos and games.


Compress and decompress code on the fly with an extremely simple implementation of compression routines.

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