INC $D020:
Guide to C64 Intro Coding

A ground breaking full colour DIY book about creating your own Commodore 64 intros and game title screens. This book covers everything you need to know, from raster interrupts to more advanced demo effects.

The book is fully illustrated and very easy to follow.

The book has been rescheduled to Q2 2019 due to overwhelming personal issues.
All pre-orders have been refunded. 

Easy to follow tutorials and source code

All the secrets of intro coding revealed!

VIP Community Support Site with private BitBucket repository

500Mb C64 Code Hacker's Software Suite archive for download, with essential tools

Limited Edition INC $D020 T-Shirt


Milan Zaninović

"Fantastic idea! Finally a site/book for intro coding for almighty c64! You tried some time in the past and I found your scroll routine very useful (you put some code snipets on the net) and then you stopped! So welcome back and lets do some good work!"

Book Content & Extras


Easy to follow tutorial chapters starting out from the basics and continuing to the intermediate and advanced, written by seasoned veterans of the scene.

Source Code

Comprehensively commented source code, with new code to be published after the book's release on the private BitBucket Repository.

Secrets Revealed!

Learn the tricks of the trade as you create various types of scrolly messages, colour cycling text, colour bars, FLD techniques, stable raster interrupts, sprite multiplexing, and more!

Software Suite

500Mb C64 Code Hacker's Software Suite available for download, containing all the essential tools and pdf copies of classic ASM programming books.

VIP Community

Readers of the book will get exclusive access to the VIP community, allowing one on one support with the authors of the book, social networking with your fellow readers, and a private BitBucket repository.

Limited Edition T-Shirt

Show your support for INC $D020 with this limited edition T-Shirt, available separately or as part of a bundle.

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Pre-orders of the book will receive a signed copy of "INC $D020: Guide to C64 Intro Coding".

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