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INC $D020 has been revived as a support site for the upcoming book, the INC $D020: Guide to C64 Intro Coding. Learn all about the upcoming book and follow along with it's progress.

You'll also find PDF copies of previous issues of INC $D020 C64 Coder's Digest, as well as interviews from the magazine, and the INC $D020 Library of assembly programming books.

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Exploring Planet Golf, Antonio Savona

I recently had a chance to chat with Antonio Savona, developer of P0 Snake and the recently released groundbreaking game, Planet Golf. The development team have decided to donate all of their profits to UNICEF, which is admirable indeed. Read on to learn more about Antonio’s early experiences with the Commodore 64, his influences and…

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Chilling out with Buddha

Buddha started in the C64 scene in 1993 as a coder, and after two or three years started to make music. He was a member of X-Vector, Undying, Commodore Is Awesome and Hokuto Force. He is currently a member of Clochard, Vaudeville Crew, and is most recently a new member of FutureVision Designs. He is…

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On the Slab with Cadaver

Cadaver (aka Lasse Oorni) is known for his work with Covert Bitops a small group making C64 productions (mainly games & music) and related free utilities on recreational basis. His site is dedicated to these productions, utilities and C64 programming-related articles (rants), he has become well known for his code theory articles about the development…

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The Mad Scientist Interviews Slartibartfast

I interviewed C64 scener and long time friend of mine, Damian Caynes, also known as Slartibartfast in the scene; in the Zeroeth issue of INC $D020. He has been a member of various groups and has made some really impressive looking demos, and he is also planning to make some games for the C64. I…

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Inside The New Dimension

Richard Bayliss is alternatively well known in the c64 community, and infamous in the c64 demo and cracking scene. He is known for his many SEUCK games, SID tunes, and finally his own original c64 games such as Trance Sector, X-Force and Sheepoid. I chatted with Richard on Facebook recently about his life with the…

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The Genius Behind Genius, Dan Liverani

When did you first use a C64? What is your first memory? My first approach with C64 was back in the day in the mid 80s when I was a teen ager, I remember that almost everyone had a C64 in that period, it was really easy to feel the success of that magic machine.…

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An Interview with Martin Piper of the SEUCK Redux Project

As you may know from personal experience SEUCK (The Shoot-em-up Construction Kit) is an awesome tool for game construction. In fact, some people use it’s graphic and sfx editors for other game projects. But unfortunately it can be quite limiting and many games for the platform can suffer from being quite similar. Enter SEUCK Redux,…

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The Mad Scientist Talks!

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Joonas Lindberg (developer of “Escape from the Laundry” and the upcoming “Electro Gates”), also known as The Mad Scientist of Hokuto Force; a modern cracking and games development crew, about his experiences developing and designing for the Commodore 64. Read the interview below. When did you first…

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Algo Dreams: An Interview with Algorithm

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Naveed ‘Algorithm’ Khugiani, about his history in the c64 scene, and to get behind-the-scenes info on his latest demo, Algo Dreams. Read the full interview below. When did you first use a c64? What is your first memory? I first used a c64 in 1990 and it…

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Smila Interview

Who were your main inspirations when you started out as a c64 graphic artist? I worked on my first gfx in 1986 so there wasn’t really any “famous” game artists around at the time. The arcades inspired me more than any artist did. What games inspired you to get into game development? Manic miner /…

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