C64 Code Hacker's Software Suite

One of the most amazing things about developing for the Commodore 64 in the 21st Century is the cross development tools available. From compilers and IDEs, to graphics editors and converters, to SID composition tools; a world of creativity is at your fingertips.

Cross development also allows for rapid prototyping of both code, graphics and music. Here’s an overview of the tools included in the C64 Code Hacker’s Software Suite; 500Mb of essential cross development tools.

C64 Code Hacker's Software Suite Overview


All of the major emulators are represented; including VICE, CCS64 and Frodo. All of the emulators are quite accurate representations of the C64, and as such allow you to test your code much more quickly than transferring to a real machine.


We’ve included the most popular compilers; including TASS, ACME, Kick Assembler and DASM, as well as C64 list; a BASIC compiler. It’s good to have more than one compiler on hand if you’re working from others source codes, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide on which one is the best. I use either TASS or Kick Assembler.

Compression Tools

When you complete your demo or game, you’ll want to compress it for release; or “crunch” it. Several crunchers are included; such as PUCrunch, Exomizer, and Byteboozer.


Also very handy when it comes to rapid prototyping are debuggers. In recent years to have emerged, each with their own advantages; C64 Debugger and ICU for both WinVICE and Frodo. These can be a lot of fun for hacking existing games as well.


If you want to get into the depths of others code, then you’ll need a disassembler. In my opinion Regenerator is the best; but Infiltrator and Rosetta are also included.

Disk File Converters

You’ll find in cross development that it’s advantageous to be able to modify C64 disk images for release; included are DirMaster, D64Editor, D64Dir and D64Lister.

Graphics Tools

We have collected a range of image and sprite editing tools for your usage. Charset, tile and map editors such as CharPad and Cuneiform, and image editors and converters such as 0xPaint, Congo 5, GangEd, Timanthes and Pixcen. Sprite tools SpritePad and SpritePaint are also included.


It is difficult to choose an IDE for your development environment, but to make it easier we have included them all for you to evaluate. From C64 Studio to Relaunch64, there’s something for every level of coder.

SID Trackers

No longer do you have to compose your SID tunes on your Commodore 64, you can use modern tools to produce them. We’ve included a variety of trackers, such as GoatTracker, CheeseCutter, DeflMask and Snyder.

With all of these cross development tools at your fingertips; you’ll be coding up a storm in no time!

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