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Buddha started in the C64 scene in 1993 as a coder, and after two or three years started to make music. He was a member of X-Vector, Undying, Commodore Is Awesome and Hokuto Force. He is currently a member of Clochard, Vaudeville Crew, and is most recently a new member of FutureVision Designs.

He is a dedicated scene coder and musician, and is working on new productions for the C64 right now. You can also read his contribution to this magazine in this issue.

I sat down for a chat with Buddha recently, to learn about his experiences with the C64, the demo scene, his influences, and his code.

Buddha Logo RemakeWhen did you first use a C64? What is your first memory?

My name is Sylwester Hasiak (handle Buddha) and I come from small town Zabkowice Slaskie in Poland. At the beginning of 1993 my parents bought me the first Commodore 64 computer. I first played a game about half a year later, and then became interested in C64 Basic language. I started to collect Commodore & Amiga magazines and I became interested in the Assembler programming language. Later, I bought the first music editor Hardtrack Composer and also started my electronic music creation.

So what demos inspired you to get into design and development?

I later met people Remigiusz (Traymuss) Trzcionka and Paweł (Baltona) Hapanowicz connected to the C64 scene from my small town city, but now they interested only in PC scene. I saw the first hand-edited, improved Voicetracker music editor and intro, to which they made logo, fonts and music. I started to try my own strength in Assembler language coding. The first demos that impressed me were from Crest group and several Polish famous groups at that time. JCH / Vibrants and Jeroen Tel / Maniacs Of Noise were inspiration for me in the beginning to my create music. I also started as swapper but only with a few Polish people associated with C64 computer scene

Vaudeville Intro 2017 RemakeWhich coders inspired you to become a coder?

I did not know foreign coders in those years because the internet was not as common as it is today, and I could even say that it was not even there and only was swap by traditional mail. I met Polish coder “The Last Hacker (TLH)”, who was later in the Onslaught group, helping him to make the first number of one-file Polish C64 magazine “Brukowiec”. I also met Polish coder Naphalm / Onslaught (ex. Executor / X-Vector) who offered me to join X-Vector group as coder and musician. I was most inspired by the Crest coders such as Crossbow!

You mentioned JCH and Jeroen Tel, who are your other main influences as a SID musician?

4-Mat, Drax, Danko, Jammer, Psycho, PVCF, Rock, Booker, Guy Shavitt, Compod, Tracker, Eye, Fanta, GRG, Jeff, Ed, Shogoon, Moon, Metal, Praiser, PRI, Spider-Jerusalem, Stinsen, Wacek, whom I cordially greet!

What was your first piece of code?

First I coded only intros and tried to crack games with a few members from Varcaus group especially with my best friend then Daniel (Brain) Fydrych. Then I met Tomasz (Human) Zazula, the leader of the Undying group and also I joined this group as coder and musician. I started to code a graphics collection and text editor for the Undying group magazine. Unfortunately, I never finished this code because I bought Amiga 500, and I sold my real C64, which I still regret very much today. I started to try creating ProTracker music with samples and also Assembler code but on Amiga.

What is your favourite piece of code you have released?

My best piece of code now is “Reflexion Intro”, which I released with Hokuto Force group on Gubbdata party in 2016 but now I have plan to help code in demo by the FutureVision group and this is already a bit higher, so it might be my best coding release, who knows?

Greetings Friends IntroAs a member of the scene, have you ever done a crack?

Several games were jointly cracked with Varcaus+Euphoria groups, but unfortunately not many have survived today. Probably the only that has survived is the “Omnibus” game.

What was your favourite old school production that you’ve released?

Probably “Trans in Vania” magazine by our former X-Vector group. I coded a lot of more but unfortunately I never had to spend that, probably because I bought an Amiga and sold my real C64 with all floppy disks content that unfortunately was formatted for games by new owner of my real C64.

What is your favourite personal contemporary release?

Probably the best is “Buddha music disk #01”, which I released with Hokuto Force group in 2014 and this music disc will remain forever in my memory because I dedicate it to a woman of a similar name to mine (Sylwia), which I once loved very much ! also is cracked game with Hokuto Force group “Sentinel +3DG”, helped, tested by cool girl “Kitty” from C64 scene and our former group “Commodore Is Awesome”, also is my GoatTracker source music pack for introduction and learning beginners C64 musicians.

Creatively, do you prefer being a coder or a SID musician?

I spend little time on production because I go for quality, not quantity and it depends on inspiration. When I have inspiration for music, I compose, and when I don’t have inspiration for music then I code.

Pretty Shorty Intro 2What are you working on right now?

Now I code intro, draw logo graphics and create music with some Xenox/AFL ideas and all it’s for Alpha Flight group but all code effects I want synchronize with my music from source player (player.s) in Goat tracker music editor. We want release my new intro with a new cracked game.

Would you ever consider making games for the Commodore 64?

Yes! I have been chatting recently in Commodore 64 forums, where developers have already created games, so it’s quite possible that when I get caught up in games coding, I’ll get myself to do my first game.

What would you like to produce in the future?

Currently I am learning about programming virtual instruments (VSTi) for musicians but this is not related to C64, only PC. In the future, I also dream of creating an online service, a database on my multimedia server for C64, Amiga, PC platform, where people connected to computer scene will be able to feel completely free, without iron rules, orders, excessive rules. True freedom on computer scene! Maybe in the foreseeable future I will want to combine also music editors DMC V7 (Demo Music Creator) and GMC V2 (Game Music Creator) for one cool music editor on PC platform, similarly as Goat tracker or Cheesecutter but I still have to spend a lot of time in PC coding at such a high level coding, but the most important ones are willingness!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Sylwester, and we look forward to your future releases!

Ok thanks very much for this interview with me, and some last words… “Greetings for all my C64, Amiga and PC computer scene friends!” .

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